How to Get Rid of Bird Mites | 5 Proven Preventive Measures


There are many insects and pests that infiltrate our lives; bird mites are one of them. Alternatively known as chicken mites, these small insects are nothing but a pain. Although they often suck on the skin of chickens and are found in other poultry birds, they can often make their way into people’s homes, making living a complete headache.

These insects are parasitic and multiply a lot quicker than you’d anticipate. Besides the chicken, they are found on the body of pigeons and sparrows too. Although these insects primarily feed on birds, they can find their way into homes and on the skin of humans too. Heavy infestation can lead to risks of itching, skin diseases, and irritation.

If you are tired of the infestation and have been looking into how to get rid of bird mites, we have a detailed guide for you to look into.

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What are Bird Mites?

Familiarizing yourself with bird mites helps identify whether the infestation is of these small, parasitic insects or something worse. In simpler words, bird mites are parasitic insects that feed off of birds, typically poultry and other small birds.

Although they are not microscopic organisms, they are extremely hard to spot with the naked eye, especially if you find them in the crevices of the fur and another clothing item. Some of them measure as small as 1 mm.

The bird mite typically has an oval-shaped body with a hairy back and eight distinguished legs that help them crawl around on the skin inconspicuously. Once they are done feeding, these insects can drastically change their body’s color into a reddish hue.

Are Bird Mites Harmful to Humans?

Although bird mites don’t feed off human blood, they need bird blood to complete their life cycle. Typically, you will find them feeding off birds, but they do bite human skin, and they can leave redness and itchiness on the skin, which makes the whole experience traumatic.

There aren’t many complications that come from bird mites. However, you need to realize that constant itching can lead to skin complications. Also, if the bacteria crawl under the skin, it can lead to risks of secondary bacterial infection that isn’t well perceived in the long run.

So, if you are witnessing signs of bird mite infestation in your home, you must tend to the issue immediately without any further thoughts.

List of Ways to Get Rid of Bird Mites

Now that you have a basic idea about bird mites and what kind of complications they bring along, we must delve into the preventive measures. Typically, getting rid of these pests isn’t as complicated. All you have to do is follow the right measures and take precautionary steps, so they don’t return to your home again.

We have sorted out some of the best ways to get rid of bird mites without imposing any complications:

1. Find the Source

So, you sit down on your couch, and after some time, you notice a consistent itch in your arm. Upon closer inspection, you find these small eight-legged parasites crawling on your skin.

The chances are that your couch is likely the source of the infestation. Before you implement any of the ways of ridding, you need to ensure that you find the source of infestation. Typically, you will be able to tell that when you start noticing frequent itching and other complications when you are sitting in a particular area around the house.

If you find these parasites crawling on your skin, check the vicinities for their presence. You should be able to distinguish them immediately.

2. Start With a Cleanup

Clean Home

Your best bet with getting rid of these pesky parasites would be starting with a cleanup. Since they are so small and often missed out when looking out with naked eyes, we’d recommend that you use a vacuum instead. 

Vacuums help clear out the spaces with the hidden parasites, ensuring that you don’t have to take them out and pick them apart with your naked eyes. If you are cleaning with a vacuum, ensure that you unload the vacuum bag or the canister somewhere far away from your home. Typically, we’d recommend that you either use a non-reusable bag or wash the canister with warm water and soap mixture to remove the parasites from there. 

Even if one is left behind, you have the impending risk of making them spread and increase in numbers. 

Some individuals even tend to place the canister in the freezer to freeze these parasites to death. Besides the carpet and the normal cleaning area, make sure that you clean out the clothing and bedsheets that could be infested with the parasites.

3. Look Out for Birds Around

If you have pet birds, check them for signs of infestation. More often than not, these bird mites come from their feather only. So, your best bet would be to check them for infestation and then treat them accordingly.

Even if you don’t have pets around, check for birds that have a habit of infesting around your house. Your best bet would be to find them and then track them down. You can also guard the perimeter of your house in a way, so it makes the surroundings hostile enough to keep the birds away.

Also, check for bird’s nests around the house. If you spot any, try to get rid of them immediately or relocate them anywhere that won’t be around your house. 

4. Use Insecticide

Another potent remedy to keep these parasites out of your house is by spraying potent insecticides and disinfectants around the house. The good thing about popular insecticides like Sterifab is that they are safe enough to be used indoors. Since these parasites easily travel inside the house with groceries and even your produce, it is always important that you treat them indoors before the situation takes a turn for the worse.

Any kind of insecticide should be diluted enough with water before you apply it around the house. Also, if you have any children or pets, you must ensure that they don’t get into a freshly sprayed area because they will tend to put their hands in the mouth after touching the chemicals.

5. Wear Protective Clothing

If your profession requires you to work with birds round the clock, you always need to be safe than sorry. After your day of work, take all the clothing and other included accessories and take them for a quick wash with soap and warm water. In case the pests have crawled onto your clothing from the bird’s feathers, the quick wash will prevent the risks of spread and further infestation.

Also, when you are working with birds, make sure that you wear protective clothing that shields your skin from these insects. The last thing you want is to have the pests come in direct contact with your skin and bite on it.

6. Contact Professionals

In case none of the standard preventive measures are working out for you, you must contact the right professionals who can help you out with this. Typically, pest control and management are ideal for this job. Since they have the right knowledge and the tools to help, it isn’t surprising that their help can ensure proper tackling of the complications.

They can ideally locate the infestation, implement the right treatment, and essentially get rid of the insects before it takes a turn for the worse.

However, make sure that you always read through the individual reviews of the pest control organization before you make an appointment with them. Typically, trust the quality before you judge their services based on their price range.

If you are looking into ways to get rid of bird mites, we hope this article gives you all the possible insights that you need to be mindful of. Just keep in mind that the last thing you want is to have an uncontrollable infestation that affects your living condition. In case nothing works out, seeking professional help is ideal. Make sure you leave us any queries in the comments, and we’ll get back to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Bird Mites Go Away on Their Own?

Bird mites need bird blood to complete their life cycle. So, if they don’t find the same in your house, even if they reproduce, they won’t be alive for too long. 

Can I Get Rid of Bird Mites with Vinegar?

There are no proven testimonies or studies indicating that the bird mites get away with vinegar or any other standard natural remedy in the house.

What Kills Bird Mites Instantly?

Insecticides like Sterifab can instantly kill bird mites. However, make sure you keep these out of reach of children and pets because they can otherwise prove fatal for them.

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  1. Can I ask a question? One site says they can only live on birds and cattle, another says they can live on dogs too. Nowhere can I find mention of cats. Can they live on cats?

    1. As per our research, we came to the conclusion that they may be able to live on cats but they cannot reproduce and survive on any feline blood alone.

  2. How do I sanitize wood objects like my antique desk and kitchen table and chairs in order to move. Also, wood book shelves with that hard pressed cardboard on the back?

    There are these stories about people throwing everything out and starting over.

    I am 72 and have some things I cannot throw. These bird mites are like crazy gremlins. How do I sanitize or pesticide wood, metal, canned goods? Paintings that do not have frames. Shoes, back packs..

    Any info on moving and not taking them with you will help. They are in my car now. Recently was like a 2nd wave.

    My landlord did not check my a/c ducts nor my vent behind my stove when I reported something banging around in them. Bats it appears as I was bitten by a bat on chin and cheek and had to have rabies shot vaccine. Still landlord a no show, I have exhausted every help agency andctoldcitchas to go to landlord.

    So have Bat Bugs also. And, Black Pepper Bird Mites.

    Everyone says black pepper mites cannot reproduce on human blood but other articles say they have evolved and do, plus drink blood of cows, dogs? I have fought them since April. My car was down 42 days and they lived? I read some bird mites can go 9 months to a year with no meal? I read older people they burrow in a tiny bit and stay up to two weeks to three. I take baths to get then off skin top.

    Any thing you know to get them off skin top, please let me know and I will add that remedy to my arsenal as you seem to have to switch it up.

    How will I get a quick answer? Email me please! I move shortly.

    Thank you.

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