How to Get Rid of Moles in The Garden | 7 Effective Remedies


If you are struggling with rodents and burrowing creatures damaging your garden, chances are moles are pretty top on the list of those destroyers. However, given how fast and inconspicuous they are, it isn’t surprising that they leave behind a lot of damage that you can’t even decipher. The finger motor skills of the moles enable you to burrow into the ground and create networks to move around the area.

However, given that they are so cute, getting rid of them can be a little difficult, especially if you are looking into inhumane ways. Don’t worry though, because there are a few ways that are not just effective in getting rid of them for good but prevent them from eventually returning to your garden too.

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In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to get rid of moles from your garden without hurting them in the process. 

What are Moles? 

Moles are small burrowing animals that fall under the rodent category, like rats and mice. Although they do look small and harmless, these creatures are pretty fast in their functions, especially when it comes to digging holes around in the garden. 

You’d be surprised to know that some moles even end up digging 160-feet holes in the ground in just one night. As for their nutrition, moles rely on insects to keep up their energy levels throughout the day. If you find them digging around into the ground, it is likely to find earthworms to feed onto.

How Do You Know If Your Garden Has Mole Damage?

While it is true that moles are pretty much harmless and won’t attack you when you spot them, it is also true that they end up causing a lot of damage to the garden, especially by digging holes into them. 

So, if you see the following signs, the chances are that you have a very bad mole infestation in your home and garden.

1. Dead Grass 

Since moles like to randomly dig through the perimeter of the garden, the chances are that they will bite through the roots of the grass. This leads to patches of dead grass all over the garden. 

2. Molehills 

Another common sign of a mole infestation in the garden is the presence of molehills. When moles bite and dig through the ground, they tend to leave behind mounds of dirt and mud on the ground.

3. Far Apart Molehills 

Moles, unlike other rodents, create longer networks underground. So, the molehills are often created far apart in the garden. So, if you aren’t necessarily looking into closely dug-out grass, the chances are that it is a mole infestation and no other rodents.

4. Random Chunks of Dirt 

Moles tend to pulverize through the soil in random areas. So, if you find random chunks of dirt lying around on the soil, it is a sign of mole infestation.

List of Ways to Get Rid of Mole Infestation in the Garden

Now that you know that you have a poor mole infestation in your backyard, it is time to take immediate action to get rid of the same. Just ensure that you keep a check on the methods or remedies you are using to get rid of them. The last thing you want is to opt for inhumane ways that end up hurting them badly.

We have sorted out some of the best ways for you to look into:

1. Get Rid of the Food Sources

Trash Can
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Although moles don’t necessarily rely on trash or food for their food fix, they will indeed dig through your open trashcan if you leave them out. So, one of the best ways to get rid of the moles’ infestation is by getting rid of the food sources. 

The grub populations are where most of the nematodes grow in. So, it is true that if you leave open food sources around in the garden or open spaces, it will end up affecting the rate at which the infestation grows. 

2. Try Mole Repellents

Another constructive and effective way to get rid of the moles for good is by using deterrents. There are granular and liquid repellents available in the market. So, make sure that you use them or spray them effectively out on the garden evenly to ensure that the moles are lured in, and they are removed from your premises.

It is an effective way of preventing moles from entering your garden area, but it is also true that it is not the most humane way of doing this. So, your best bet would be to sprinkle them around the garden as a preventive measure and not actively use them to kill them in the process.

3. Use Natural Repellents

Castor Oil
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If you don’t want to use chemical repellents in the garden, another way of repelling them is by using natural repellents. The natural repellents that use castor oil don’t kill the moles but end up causing digestive issues in them that subject them to slow down and remove themselves from your premises. Constant punishment with these repellents will prevent them from skirting around in your garden, ensuring they don’t return.

While making a natural repellent, your ideal combination would be mixing castor oil, water, and dish soap. Once the concentrated mixture is made, you can add a few tablespoons of the same into a gallon of water and spray it across the garden, focusing more on the common areas of infestation.

4. Use Mole Traps

Another constructive and humane way of getting rid of the moles is by using traps. There are hundreds of traps and baits available in the market that you can set up with some kind of lure inside it. Once they are trapped inside the bait or trap, you can take them and displace them somewhere safe and away from your house.

However, make sure that when you are removing the trap from one place to the other, you must do the same safely. Since they can get aggressive when they feel trapped or under stress, it is always ideal that you don’t catch the trap with bare hands.

5. Plant More Trees

As weird as it sounds, plants can be used as deterrents for moles. The strong-smelling plants like marigolds, daffodils have amazing benefits in getting rid of the moles and keeping them away from the garden and the perimeter of your home. If you are looking for ways to get rid of moles, this is one of the easiest, effective and long-term benefits.

Make sure that while you are planting these flowering plants, you create a barrier around the edge of the garden. This reduces the infestation and prevents more moles from coming into your garden.

6. Dig a Trench

Digging a trench is effective. It creates a barrier for the moles and prevents them from digging into the soil. Make sure that when you are digging the trench, it is around 2 feet deep and around six inches wide. Once the digging is done, you need to get a big bag of rocks and fill up the trench fully to the brim.

The process of digging up a trench can be time-consuming. However, ensure that you get the right quality items along with a mesh wire to keep the area secured. The process is quite expensive too, so you need to plan things ahead of time.

7. Tidy Up Your Lawn

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Moles like their hidden spots and spaces. This means that if you want to keep them away, you need to keep the lawn tidy. Brush up the food sources, clear out any fallen fruit on the ground and even cut the grass smaller so that the moles don’t have enough habitable space around in the garden. 

Also, while mowing the grass, get your garden beds cleared and manicured too. Not only does it make the surroundings look amazing, but it also prevents them from returning too.

If you are tired of the mole infestation in your garden, these are some of the best ways to get rid of moles. Just ensure that you keep a check on the repellents and the remedies you are using. We’d recommend that you focus on using humane ways instead of the standard ways. Typically, we’d recommend starting with the castor oil and baking soda solution and then trying stronger remedies if those don’t work out.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Home Remedy Works the Best for Moles?

The best home remedy that repels moles from the garden includes castor oil, cayenne pepper, garlic, and even red pepper.

Can You Get Rid of Moles Overnight?

The use of castor oil and baking powder works effectively in getting rid of the moles overnight. Just ensure to spray the solution evenly.

Does Baking Soda Get Rid of Moles?

Yes, baking soda effectively gets rid of the moles without harming them or killing them in the process.

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