How to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders | 8 Potent Remedies


Spiders are a terror; it doesn’t matter if they are poisonous or not. Just seeing one in close vicinity is enough to drive people out in terror. If you are one of those people that is often terrified of spiders, you are going to hate when you find wolf spiders in your home. They are terror-inducing, not to mention that they are hands down one of the worst kinds of spider species that you will come across in domestic households.

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This article will explore wolf spiders, how to get rid of wolf spiders, and a whole lot more about them. 

How do I Identify a Wolf Spider?

Spiders more or less look the same when you spot them around in your home. So, how will you distinguish wolf spiders from the standard ones that you usually see?

Wolf spiders typically grow up to 2 inches, especially the female ones. They are pretty hairy, hence the name. Also, they have a striped body with dark brown marks across their body. You’d also find eight terrifying eyes placed symmetrically all over, in a much-patterned manner.

Also, if you come across a larger wolf spider, 9 out of 10 times, it is a female spider, which is why you need to be gentle with them. The last thing you want is to piss them off. Female wolf spiders are very protective since they carry an egg sac. So, if you poke or disturb them, the chances are that they will retaliate and bite.

Do the Wolf Spiders Bite?

Wolf spiders are quite poisonous. However, their bites aren’t fatal. Also, unlike most of the other spiders you come across, these are pretty tame. This means that they won’t harm you unless you do the same. If you aren’t poking them or disturbing them, or being a threat to them, the spiders won’t retaliate at all.

However, if you get bitten by a wolf spider, it isn’t something you will need a doctor for. Just apply some ice on the rash and the redness and apply some disinfectant ointment on the skin. In case things get worse, consider seeing a doctor.

List of Ways to Get Rid of the Wolf Spiders

Now that you have a basic idea of wolf spiders, you must know how to get rid of them with a few simple steps. They don’t normally infiltrate or infest in larger numbers, which means that you won’t have to worry a lot when it comes to the wolf spiders. All you have to do is follow along with the remedies we have sorted out in this guide:

1. Don’t Make Them Comfortable

Like any other guests in your home, if you make the spiders feel comfortable, they aren’t going to want to leave. Instead, you need to implement ways to keep them out of the house and push them to stay out of your home because of the instilled discomfort.

Wolf spiders, like most others, like to keep to themselves. They appreciate and hide out in spots that are well-hidden, quiet, and not frequented by people. Under the carpets, cracks in the wall, on the corners in the floors, are some of the common hiding spots we are talking about. The best way to get rid of them is by vacuuming out these spots every day for a month straight.

2. Seal Off the Entry Points

As we talked, the wolf spiders like the comfortable and low-noise areas in the house. This means that if there is some kind of entry point available around the house, the chances are that the spider will gain entrance to the house through those spots and make chaos of things. Ideally, you need to identify those spots around the house and seal them off.

You can use caulk to seal the areas or even cement close those areas to close those entry points for good. If the cracks are from the outside of your home, we’d recommend painting the outside with proper weatherproofing, so it doesn’t fall through in the coming months when the weather is the worst. This is a long-term solution on how to get rid of wolf spiders.

3. Declutter the House

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When you have spotted a good range of infestation of wolf spiders in your home, you must get rid of every kind of hiding spot that you can find around. This includes boxes clutters of unwanted things taking over the spot in your home. The possibility of things is quite endless for these entry points. However, we’d recommend that you focus on eliminating those infestation items or throwing them out of the house for good.

Also, if you have a lot of storage boxes in the garage or the basement, we’d recommend going through those boxes and either getting rid of them or sealing them off.

4. Try Sticky Traps

Another effective and humane way to get rid of the wolf spiders is by placing a range of sticky traps all over the house. This includes around the entrance and areas where the spiders frequent the most. You need to find and isolate these spots around your home, so it is easier for you to get rid of them for good.

The sticky traps are easily available in the market, so you can get rid of them without hassle. When the spiders are trapped in these sticky traps, they find it harder to get out of the trap, making it difficult for them to get food and eventually starve.

5. Use Organic Pesticide

If you aren’t sure about using harsh chemicals and insecticides, there are a range of organic pesticides that you can use instead. They are comparably a lot safer and won’t make you complain about the quality of the products that you are using, which is great.

Most plant-based pesticides contain Hexa-hydroxyl in their formula, which will kill the spiders almost immediately, but they aren’t bad for your well-being, which is always a benefit. They are available in the stores in powder form that you can sprinkle around the house for the maximum benefits.

6. Use a Container

Since wolf spiders don’t infest in large numbers, you can hunt them down manually. However, this isn’t for you if you easily get scared by spiders. However, if that isn’t the case and you don’t mind trapping the spiders manually, you can chase them down with a container. Ideally, when trying to catch a wolf spider, you need to ensure that you have something firm to trap them in the container, so they don’t escape.

Once you have caught them, you can take them out of your house to a distant spot and release them so they can live in the wilderness. This is hands down one of the most humane ways to get rid of the wolf spiders out of your home.

7. Use a Broom

Contrary to what you believe, wolf spiders aren’t that fast. This means that you can track them down easily and smack them with a broom to kill them on the spot. However, this isn’t a humane method, so we’d recommend that you find a good alternative that won’t make you question things around.

If the spider is larger than typical, shoes or a larger broom should do the job. However, make sure you hit them right because they might end up getting even more agitated if you miss.

8. Clean Your Backyard

Trash Can
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If the infestation of wolf spiders is in your backyard, it is likely due to your unkempt garden. So, pick up a garden rake and get rid of the dead and dry leaves and the flowers and fruits lying around. This kind of contributes to the food sources to the spiders, making them stay even more.

So, your first step would be to clean out the garden without any further questions. This is quite an easy task, especially when you do them regularly.

If you were tired of the wolf spiders in your home and have been looking into how to get rid of wolf spiders, we hope this article answers all your queries. Just ensure that you focus on getting rid of the spider before they spawn and multiple in your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Kill the Wolf Spiders in My House?

If you can’t catch the wolf spiders in your home, we’d recommend killing them with a broom or installing sticky traps to catch them.

Do the Wolf Spiders Jump on Humans?

No, wolf spiders don’t necessarily jump on humans, so you don’t have to worry about that at all.

How Long Do Wolf Spiders Live in the House?

Most wolf spiders have a lifespan of 12 months, so they can easily live in your home for that long. Just ensure that you don’t let it get any worse than it already is.

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