10 Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Instantly at Home


Does troubling fruit flies a real plague in the food area of your home? With weather changing and summer heat entering through the windows and doors, it is the perfect time to grab on some juicy, tempting fruits. And even it is the time for fruit flies to rest on your favorite fruits.

If you are reading this post then you are on the fortunate side as here we will list you some really effective and proven ways to banish these tiny fruit flies away from your kitchen. But before we tell you about all the tips and tricks to win over your battle with these pesky, tiny creatures, first it would be best to know what these little gnats are!

What are Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are small and even one of the tiniest flies that are attracted by a fruity smell in your home. When the weather changes and it is needed to keep the fruits at room temperature then these flies get an easy trap on the fruit items. As a result, they soon start appearing as a member of your family who is always there from day to night and feeding continuously on your favorite fruit.

Fruit Flies – A Troubling Problem!

Be it juicy tomatoes, ripe stone fruits, grapes, or sticky cherries, fruit flies are there to spoil it all. So, while you are all prepared to store wonderful summer fruit, like plums, peaches, tomatoes, and more at the room temperature, equally imperative is to find yourself the perfect way to battle these little flies and win over them.

The biggest problem with these flies is that they are quick reproducing. Even their size is too small that they can easily sneak into your house through small openings and rest on your vegetables and fruits. Since they can grow to an adult from an egg in just a week time, so soon they can establish a big family in your kitchen. They are always feeding on the fermented fruit, which is readily available to them in huge stock.

Best Prevention Tips to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

While it is somewhat easier to fight against the larger pests, fruit flies are too small in size and hence hold exclusion in this regard.

They are extremely small and can enter into your house even along with the store-bought fruit. The summertime is their nurturing time and they all rest and survive on is on juicy, fermented fruits. They die off when winter is approaching, but if you reside in a region with a warm climate then they will hardly banish. As a result, all you are left with is the option to rely on fly traps and protect your fruit to as much extent as possible. So, here some great prevention tips against fruit flies.

  • One most important practice that you must follow religiously is to clean your produce well as soon as you get it from the store. Make sure you place the product in a fresh plastic bag rather than in the same bag that you have got from the store.
  • Fruit flies prefer fruits that are sweet in taste. They can hasten the spoilage. Hence, make sure you always cover your fruit store or bowl in the refrigerator.
  • Make sure you don’t place food or beverages in waste paper bags. Make sure you always put them into the kitchen can, recycling bin or a clean covered bowl.
  • Don’t leave any ripe or overripe fruits in your house.
  • Make sure you place the vegetable scraps in a freezer bag. You can either throw it outside the home or can bury them in compost or can make a soup out of them.
  • Wash all dishes well and clear the drains in the sink. Also, you can pour some baking soda followed with white vinegar into the drains to kill all fruit flies that might be breeding in there.
  • Regularly clean the seals of your refrigerator door, from the top and under the surface. If there is any evaporation pan then do clean it properly and on a regular basis.
  • Keep the surface over and under the stove and dishwasher clean. The surface must be clean from crumbs or food residue.
  • Make sure there are no dead leaves in your plant’s pot. Also, allow the first inch of the soil in the pot to dry before you water them again.
  • Keep your door screens and windows clean and free from flying pests.

Top Homemade Ways / Traps to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

The good thing is that it is possible to get rid of these nasty small buggers. So, try these homemade traps and methods to keep your home clean from the troubles of tiny fruit flies!

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

Apple Cider Vinegar

The Apple Cider Vinegar trap is one of the simplest and easiest traps to get rid of those pesky fruit flies from your home.

These flies have a strong smell of power and resist any fermented smell. Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV is prepared from fermented apples and it is one of those drinks that they would not like to consume even in their dreams. Before you use ACV to trap these flies, just heat it a little to release more of its awful smell.

Things You Need

  • A Jar
  • A funnel
  • ½ cup Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Few drops of dish soap
  • A small piece of overripe fruit


Take a half cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and heat it up. Pour it into your jar ensuring that it is deep enough for fruit flies to drown. Add a few drops of dish soap to ACV. This will break the surface tension and make sure that once the flies sit over it they don’t have any option to rescue.

Now take a piece of paper and create a funnel. Insert the funnel into the jar’s mouth and tape it fix in the place. This way, the flies will get into the jar but will not be able to come out and will drown down.

If you want to add more effectiveness to your trap then you can drop in a piece of ripe or overripe fruit. Let it break down. Place the mixture in the freezer for 20 minutes.

2. Merry Trap for Flies

Red Wine

Have you ever thought how a drunk fly would behave? Well, they are more or less the same as intoxicated humans.

The fruit flies are highly attracted to red wine and will try to taste it no matter what. They are even ready to drown themselves down in the jar or surface smelling similar to the wine. So, check this soapy water merry trap to finish off these fruit flies in very less time.

You will require

  • Some red wine in a bottle
  • If you don’t have red wine, then you can also use a balsamic powder or red wine vinegar in a pinch


Take some red fine and leave it at the bottom of a bottle. Allow it to sit for some time. Soon the flies will approach in flocks and will drown into the red wine to achieve a merry death. You can also try putting red wine in a separate container wrapped with plastic and having small holes poked in the top.

3. Fruity Jar Trap

Fruit Jar

Since these are fruit flies, so there is no better to target and kill them than the fruit jar method.

The best thing is that you can prepare this trap with fruit leftovers and avail the fastest results,

You will require

  • Plastic wrap
  • A glass jar
  • Toothpick
  • Few ripe or overripe fruits
  • Soapy water


Take one jar and place small pieces of ripe or almost rotten fruits into the bottom. Cover the glass jar with a plastic wrap with the help of a rubber band. This will keep the plastic secured.

Make small holed in the wrap using a toothpick and place the jars strategically throughout the house. Do place them in areas where you notice the flies most. Also, you can place one near the doorway so that the flies are easily drawn into the trap and will never be able to get out. This will also serve as a tasty feast for them.

Once you find that the jar is full enough and there are no more flies surrounding your house then you can throw it off. If you wish to reuse the jar then you can rinse out, refill, and repeat the process. This way, you can even make use of the fruits that were accidentally left for too long.

4. Lemongrass Spray Trap

The lemongrass essential oil will not kill fruit flies. But yes, this spray is effective to keep fruit flies at bay. Also, it is the best way to keep away more other types of pests from your home,

You will require

  • A clean spray jar or bottle
  • Few drops of lemongrass essential oil
  • Few ounces of hot water


Take 2 ounces of hot water and pour into the spray bottle. Add 10 drops of lemongrass essential oil to the water and shake the mixture well. Close the spray bottle and spray the mixture all over doorways, windowsills and even directly on the flies whenever you see them. If there are any other fly prone areas in your house, then you may spray the mixture over there as well. This will leave a nice refreshing fragrance in the space and at the same time keep all the flies at bay.

5. Milk Trap


The old farmer’s almanac trap is another excellent way to get rid of fruit flies. This trap is highly efficient and is practices for years in various regions.

You will require

  • ¼ pound raw sugar
  • 1-pint milk
  • 2 ounces ground pepper


Take all the above-mentioned ingredients in a saucepan and let the mixture be on flame for around 10 minutes. Take the mixture and pour it into numerous shallow dishes. Now place these dishes at different places across the entire house. Fruit flies are highly attracted to the milk mixture, but soon they quickly drown down and die off because of suffocation. If you see that the mixture is not effective enough then you can add drops of dish soap to the mixture.

6. Apple Clove Method

Another excellent and cost-effective homemade solution to get rid of fruit flies from your home is the apple clove trap. This trap is effective in keeping fruit flies away from your home as the smell of clove works as a fly repellent.

You will require

  • 20 – 25 cloves
  • One apple


Take an apple and wash it well with water. Prick the apple from all places with over 25 cloves. Place this apple on the dining table, kitchen counter, or any other area prone to the flies.

Let the apple rest in the same place throughout the day. Repeat this process for at least two days to get the desired results.

7. Orange Juice Trap

Orange Juice

Juicy, citrus fruits are highly preferred by fruit flies. But if you make intelligent use of orange juice then you will be able to get rid of fruit flies completely.

This method works well when orange juice is left at the room temperature. It is because when the juice is at room temperature then it starts to ferment and the smell starts targeting the fruit flies. This is an excellent method to attract and catch fruit flies.

You will require

  • Plastic wrap
  • ¼ cup of orange juice
  • ¼ cup of water
  • Toothpick
  • Glass Jar


Take the desired quantity of orange juice and dilute it with water. Pour the mixture into the jar. Cover the jar completely with plastic wrap and make small holes poking the toothpick into the plastic wrap. Make sure the holes are big enough so that fruit flies can go through them. Let the jar rest for a few hours. You can repeat this process even the next day if you are not able to get rid of all the flies from the home.

8. Banana Cone Trap

You can make the fruit flies stay away from your home with the awful smell of rotting banana. This smell is awful and will attract fruit flies. With the paper cone trap, it is confirmed that the fruit flies are not able to come out.

You will require

  • Cellophane tape
  • A small glass jar
  • A small piece of banana
  • Scrap paper piece


Take a piece of banana and place it in the jar. Make a cone from the piece of paper. Insert the paper into the jar that will help you to narrow the cone end at least from halfway down.

Keep the paper cone in the same position and secure it in place with tape. Let the set-up remain in position overnight and in the morning you will be able to get the desired results. This is a highly effective remedy to get rid of fruit flies.

9. Sticky Trap

Another amazing way to get rid of adult fruit flies is to prepare a sticky trap that captures the flies and then trap them to get rid of them completely. Adult fruit flies can introduce bacterial infections to fruit and liquors and even they lay eggs on the produce.

You can make the sticky trap by following simple instructions and method.

You will require

  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Two teaspoons of glue


There are different yellow sticky traps that are readily available online and stores. But it is possible to prepare at home as well. Mix a cup of water with the desired quantities and the appropriate amount of sugar, honey, and two teaspoons of glue that does not dry in the same pan.

Make sure that all the ingredients blend well and take a yellow piece of paper and layer it with the mixture. Hang the mix at appropriate places in areas that are congested with fruit flies.

10. Cedar Wood Trap

If you wish to keep the fruit flies away from your home then you need to prevent them from entering your house. But commercial repellents contain harmful chemicals that can affect health.

You will require

  • Cedarwood


Cedar is not just an amazing decorative piece, but it also enhances the décor and beauty of your house. Moreover, it keeps the fruit flies away from the home. You can take cedar wood and place it in your kitchen, dining table, and other areas that are prone to the trash. This will solve your purpose. Another method to get rid of fruit flies with cedar is using the cedar oil. This method is even more effective than using the wood and can be used to clean the solutions.


While there are numerous commercial traps available that can help you get rid of these flies, but the fact is that they are toxic. Homemade traps, on the other hand, are non-toxic and are one of the safest measures to get rid of harmful fruit flies without experiencing any annoyance or trouble.

By James Edwards

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