How to Get Rid of Camel Crickets | 8 Potent Remedies


Unless you have very thorough knowledge about crickets and their morphology, we don’t expect you to know much about camel crickets. They are very hard to detect, but their infestation can cause much damage, more than you can ever imagine or expect. However, you need to understand that eliminating camel crickets is a necessity, especially if you want to secure your garden and prevent unnecessary damage to the plants.

But, how to get rid of camel crickets? This is a very common question that most of the victims need an answer to. Although camel crickets are fairly safe for humans, you need to understand that they infest in large numbers.

And, their infestation will also result in excess deposition of fecal matter around the house, leading to severe infections. Besides that, camel crickets also tend to bite, which again is a pain. Besides the garden, if these crickets gain access to your house, be prepared for them to bite and chew through the cardboard and furniture pieces lying around the house.

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List of Ways to Get Rid of Camel Crickets

Now that you have a clear understanding of camel crickets, let us explore the modes of elimination. Typically, there are a few constructive ways to permanently get rid of them and prevent them from returning to your house. 

However, we understand that not all remedies will show potent results. In that case, we have sorted out some of the most construction and effective strategies that you can implement to get rid of the camel crickets from your home.

1. Use a Dehumidifier

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Many people often turn a blind eye to this. But, one of the biggest reasons the flies and crickets are infiltrating your home is the humid air. This is where most of the issues lie. Typically, we’d recommend using a dehumidifier if the areas around your house are filled with a lot of humidity and retain moisture in the air.

Camel crickets are consistently looking for humid and damp places to proliferate and infest. So, if you take away that moisture and humidity from the air, it isn’t surprising that you will soon be able to get rid of them without needing to put much effort into the process.

The moment you dry out the location with the maximum infestation, they will flock out of your home and try to look for other places to infest.

2. Eliminate Access to Your Home

When it comes to camel cricket infestation, people’s most common confusion is regarding their entry. How did they even get inside the house? For the most part, you can carry these crickets in your clothes grocery bags when you enter from the outside. Besides that, any available cracks and seeps in the house can provide easy access to these critters inside your home.

If you can spot these cracks and openings around your house, we’d recommend that you weatherproof and seal off those cracks immediately. The last thing you want is to leave such areas open and allow the crickets to have free entry to your house.

Also, if you have your windows and doors opened consistently, install an insect net to close off the areas and prevent the uncharted entry of these crickets and different types of insects.

3. Declutter Your House

If the camel cricket infestation is underway, you need to realize that having excess clutter inside your house is further going to worsen the situation. Since these types of crickets are omnivores, they will eat just about anything they can find in close vicinity. We’d recommend cleaning off those cluttered areas in the house where you see a likelihood of the infestation getting worse.

Always start with the areas that you frequent the most. Since the crickets most likely came in with your clothes or grocery bags, check around for the areas like the kitchen, closet, and even the car and garage. Start by decluttering those areas first.

Also, while you are decluttering, your main goal is to find probably food sources and get rid of them for good. If there are excess items that you can’t throw out, get hold of airtight plastic containers to store them securely.

4. Vacuum Out the Place

Once all the clutter is gone, you must clean any remnant in the area. The last thing you want is to have a clear-out but dirty space. Also, if you have the infestation in the furniture or carpets, the only way you can get rid of them is by vacuuming out the spot completely.

Vacuuming is possibly one of the most potent ways to eliminate all the unwarranted crickets that you can’t get rid of manually. It will take some time, no doubt about that. However, you need to realize that the process of cleaning isn’t as linear as it looks.

If your vacuum has one-time use filter support, use those and dispose of the filter with the vacuumed crickets. Also, if your vacuum has a steam option, make use of that. When it comes to getting rid of camel crickets, this is your most effective choice.

5. Try Out Sticky Traps

Sticky traps have been used for crickets and critters for as long as we can remember. However, they aren’t the most potent choices of elimination. Typically, they do need to be changed thoroughly, and you also need to check the quality of the trap that you are buying to ensure that you can use them for a few days before you have to throw it out.

Also, when you are placing sticky traps, make sure you first gauge where the infestation is the maximum. Once you chalk that out, you can place the bets around those areas and keep some stale bread or other food sources to lure the crickets into the traps.

6. Try Soapy Water

Dish Soap
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Another effective and easy remedy that works is using a soapy water concoction. The reason soapy water works is because the bubbles help in trapping the crickets effectively into the bowl of water. This allows you to prevent them from creeping out.

Also, when they get trapped inside the bubbles, they do get suffocated, dying in the process. You can make a solution using some dish soap and water in a shallow dish and place them in the most infested spots around the house. 

Make sure that you check in every few hours, change the soap water every other day, and replace it with a fresh batch.

7. Try Boric Acid

Boric Acid

Try the boric acid solution instead if the soapy water trick isn’t working out for you. Boric acid is an insect repellent and has insecticide properties. So, if you want to see immediate results and implement a remedy that can prevent the recurrence of these crickets in your home, the best way would be to try out some boric acid spray.

You can mix one-part boric acid with two parts of water and make a uniform solution. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle and then use that solution to spray around the house, focusing more on the infestation sites.

Make sure you keep pets and children out of these sprayed areas. Although the solution is quite diluted, we’d still recommend that you keep them out if they unknowingly ingest the chemical.

8. Try Essential Oils

Essential Oils
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Like any other cricket or critter, even camel critters are repelled by the strong smell of essential oils. Some of the best repellents include cedar oil, peppermint oil, and neem oil. You can spray some of these essential oils around the infested area, through the cracks, and also in the most infested sites in your home.

We’d recommend mixing it with some water and then spraying it because it has a very strong smell to it.

If you were looking for how to get rid of camel crickets, we hope this article answers all your questions. Just ensure that you take action before things get out of hand and beyond repair. Sometimes, all you need to do is focus on the easy remedies we have mentioned in this article. Also, if you can’t tame them by yourself, contact a professional to help you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Attracts Camel Crickets?

If you are confused about why you have camel crickets in your home, it is likely due to the moist and humid climate.

Are Exterminators Good for Camel Crickets?

If nothing is working out for you and you can’t seem to get rid of them with the natural remedies, we’d recommend contacting a professional.

What Eats a Camel Cricket?

Rodents and bats effectively prey on camel crickets and get rid of their infestation from around the house.

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