How to Get Rid of Spiders | 12 Proven Methods that Work


Pests, be it of any kind, can be a hazard to one’s living. If you are struggling to make sense of things, especially when it involves something with a hairy body and eight legs like spiders, we know how to help you. Spiders are not just unhygienic to have around in the house; they are also extremely toxic and can even be fatal for some individuals.

Also, with spiders, it is not just the pest that you need to look out for but also for the webs they create around the house that can end up causing an issue. They can not just be dusty, but they can also end up causing a ruckus in the entire house.

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Following are some of the proven ways on how to get rid of spiders without any issues.

List of Ways to Get Rid to Spiders

1. Start by Sealing the Cracks

The first and likely one of the most effective ways to get rid of spiders is to seal out the cracks around the house. It could be simple or even bigger noticeable cracks that you witness around the house. Sometimes, the most noticeable spots are around the door, windows, and sometimes behind the appliances, you haven’t likely cleaned in a while. 

The best way to overcome them is by using caulk around the edges of the windows or the cracks visible around the doors and windows. Also, you can guard out the areas with mesh wirings to prevent the risks of entry of the spiders inside your home.

2. Keep Closed Bins

You’d be surprised to know this, but spiders are attracted to flies and will find ways to be close to them to feast on. So, if you have your trashcans open and have flies hovering over them, the chances are that it will eventually end up increasing the population of spiders in your home. 

Not only should you invest in bins with strong lids, but you can also invest in options that are made with heavy-duty materials like plastic and other materials. This helps you get rid of the flies and the spiders all in one go.

3. Use Horse Chestnuts

Horse Chestnuts
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Although old folklore, horse chestnuts or conkers are quite beneficial in getting rid of the spiders from your house for good and without involving any additional risks of chemical hazards like many individuals, tend to complain about.

Even though many believe that it is nothing but old folklore, you’d be surprised to know that scientific studies have found that the chestnuts do provide notable results in exterminating them from your home. If you want to try something on how people used to get rid of spiders years ago, this is it.

4. Keep the Outdoor Lights Switched Off

True for almost every kind of pest and insect, darkness is not something that they prefer. If you keep your outdoor lights switched on, it is always better that you keep them switched off without any further issues. The primary issue with outdoor lights is that while they don’t necessarily attract spiders, they can attract more and more pests and insects that are food for spiders.

Not just the outdoor lights, you also need to keep the indoor lights from seeping out. You can use blinds or other transparent covers to prevent the light from seeping out of the indoors. Also, if you have to keep the outdoor lights switched on, switch to the sodium vapor lights instead of the standard ones. 

5. Use Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil

Not many people know about this, but peppermint oil has been found to have proven benefits in getting rid of the spiders that are lingering inside or even outside of your house. The strong scent of peppermint oil has been found beneficial in repelling the spiders and keeping them out of the house.

You can spray a good amount all across the home, especially around the trouble areas like around the doors and windows, to get rid of the spiders and prevent them from entering your home. If peppermint oil isn’t accessible, other alternatives include rose, lavender, and tea tree oil.

6. Get Rid of Unwanted Clutter

You will often find cobwebs in areas that you haven’t cleaned in a long time or the areas in your home that are cluttered with unwarranted items. In such cases, it is always better if you find those clutter around in your home and then get rid of them for good. Not just your backyard and patio; you need to look inside your home too.

Aside from the general spots, look around in the areas like the garage and even the basement if you have many items lying around there. From unwashed clothes to piles of newspaper and waste, you need to clear out every single item.

7. Grow Eucalyptus

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We were going to suggest you adopt a cat, but then again, it isn’t effective for every person. If keeping a cat in your house isn’t an option for you, the next best thing to do is to grow a eucalyptus plant. Like peppermint, even eucalyptus has a very strong smell that can effectively eliminate the spiders that are lingering inside your home.

When it comes to growing eucalyptus, we talk about growing them indoors instead of letting them grow as haywire outside. Also, be prepared to learn to live with the strong smell.

8. Get Rid of Vegetation from Around the House

While we suggest you grow some special plants that produce essential oils, we’d also recommend that you get rid of plants from the perimeter of your home that could be further contributing to issues of spiders. The spiders are attracted to vegetation, which means that you will have issues with the outburst of spiders in your home.

From the shrubs, bushes, and ivies to the stones and pebbles, you need to get rid of every single one of the issues that could likely be attracting the spiders around your home.

9. Try Vinegar

White Vinegar
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Like the strong smell and action of cinnamon and essential oils, the same holds for vinegar too. Sometimes, essential oils have a hard time working on keeping the spiders in check. In such cases, we’d recommend that you try something stronger in exchange. Vinegar is hands down one of the most potent options that you can get your hands on.

You need to take half a spray bottle filled with water and fill the rest with white vinegar. Spritz the solution all over the house to get rid of the spiders and prevent them from infesting the house further.

10. Clean the Dishes

You’d be surprised to know this, but the dirty plate that has been lying around in your kitchen all this while is a contributing factor behind the spider infestation in your home. What happens is that the dirty dishes bring in mosquitoes, flies, and other insects, which serve as a feeding ground for the spiders.

It is always better that you keep a check on the overall cleanliness of the area around. Also, maintain the hygiene of the place that you find yourself stuck in.

11. Try Lemon Peel

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Although quite an off-beat method to try, lemon peel is quite helpful in getting rid of the stench around the house and keeps your house free of spiders. You’d be surprised to know this, but spiders hate citrus, be it the actual peel of a lemon or the smell it brings along. The smell and the essential oils from the lemon peel act as a repellent.

Also, if you are trying to keep the spiders out, it is always best if you rub a freshly cut lemon peel around the windows, doors, and other areas where you see the maximum spider infestation in your home.

12. Vacuum Around the House

Even if you are lazy, it is a given that you need to keep your house clean, be it while cleaning the floors or even while dusting the shelves after months. Spiders are attracted to abandoned areas or haven’t been cleaned in a lot of time, so if you are slothing around and not cleaning your home, now is the time to change that for good.

Vacuum around the carpets, the areas with cobwebs, and even clean out the dusty areas that you often forget about. If you can’t do it all in one day, take it one day at a time. However, deep and thorough cleaning is quite beneficial in getting rid of all the issues you are likely tired of due to the spiders.

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Are you still wondering how to get rid of spiders? Well, you’d be surprised as to how effective these steps are in getting rid of the spiders and even preventing them from entering the house in the future. So, it means that not only are you getting rid of a current infestation; you are also likely preventing any future infestations from happening.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Spider Bites Fatal?

It depends on the kind of spider that has bitten you. For the most part, the ones you find around your house aren’t fatal but can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

What Will Keep Spiders Away?

If you are tired of house spiders, try to spray citrus spray around the house because they don’t like the smell and tend to stay away from such spots.

Does White Vinegar Help?

Yes, white vinegar has been found to have potent benefits in getting rid of the spiders for good.

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