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As much as the summer and spring months are beautiful to stare at and enjoy the outdoors in, they bring in many challenges. No, we aren’t just talking about the harsh sunlight. Instead, we are talking about the constant whirring and buzzing noise that comes from the wasps that will take out your garden, backyard, and even inside your home. So, how to get rid of wasps?

The question might sound very simple, but the process of ridding them is quite complicated when you come to think of it. Not only do you need to be mindful of their constant flying and buzzing, but you also need to keep your food protected from them in hopes that they don’t cross-contaminate items.

Although not necessarily the most fatal, a wasp sting can result in death occurrences. This makes you think that it’s important that you do the needful before it’s too late to act. These small black and yellow spotted creatures are going to make your life a living hell if you don’t act quickly.

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Why Do I Have a Wasp Infestation In My Home?

You might be sitting here worrying, “Why do I have so many wasps in my garden and inside my home?” Well, there are several reasons, and we are here to suggest to you a few reasons why. 

1. For Shelter

The first and the most common reason you are struggling with wasps infiltration in your home is that they are on the lookout for shelter. The male wasps die after impregnating the queen’s colony. During that phase, the queen has to take shelter somewhere safe and protected. Sometimes, insulated walls, crevices, and cracks in the walls serve as those safe places for the wasps.

2. For Food & Leftovers

Bread Crumbs
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As much as you clean and try to eat in a civilized manner, there will be times when you have to leave some crumbs on the floor or have the food open on the kitchen counter. These are the aims of the wasp who tries to get a nibble of your food. Following their winter hibernation, these small creatures get back to work during the summer months collecting food for the later part of the year.

3. For Flowering Plants

Garden Flowers
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Do you have flowering plants and flowers in your garden? If the answer is yes, then the chances are that’s the most common reason behind the wasp infestation in your backyard and the house. The wasps are attracted to the nectar and the smell of the flowers, which lures them in and keeps them stay in the place till they move on to a new host.

List of Ways to Get Rid of Wasps

Now that you know what’s attracting more and more wasps into your home, it is time to take action. Here’s where you learn how to get rid of wasps for good. The process isn’t always simple, especially when the infiltration is excessive and you use basic home remedies. If nothing works, we’d recommend looking out for professional exterminators to help you out with the same.

1. Start With Wasp Traps

The first and likely the most common mode of elimination is to set up some viable wasp traps around your house. The process isn’t as complicated as it seems, and you will be surprised to know that all of these traps are available commercially. The inside of these traps is filled with a solution that lures in the wasps. Once the wasps are attracted to the trap via the smell and the taste of the solution, the trap makes them get stuck inside and down in the liquid, killing them in the process.

However, one downside to setting up wasp traps is to witness a lot of them inside the traps. This means that you have to change them now and then to ensure it works over some time. 

2. Use a Wasp Killer

Another way you can get rid of the wasps is by using a wasp killer or chemical solutions that can effectively help kill the wasps without putting in excess damage. Before using a wasp killer, we’d recommend that you install a wasp nest to attract as many wasps as you can trap inside. Once a considerable amount of wasp has been trapped and accumulated, you can then spray the wasp killer from a distance and wait before you clean the nest.

This is a chemical-infused chemical, which means that if you have children and pets in your home that are very inquisitive and like to get into things, we would recommend that you use them in moderation and always keep an eye out on the kids and pets.

3. Try Essential Oil Blend

Essential Oils
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While wasps are not averted to every essential oil available in the market, there are a few that can drive them away. For this, make a blend of clove, geranium, and lemongrass oil to get rid of all the wasps by repelling them with a strong smell. The best way to apply them in the wasp-infested site is by making a solution with water and dish soap and spraying it around.

Besides that, you can also put the oil solution in a bowl and put it out on the areas that attract the greatest number of wasps around. Try out with the smaller areas where the infestation is maximum, and then move ahead to the other spots that need immediate attention.

4. Try Boiling Water

Boiling Water

Another way you can get rid of the wasp infestation is by trying out boiling water. However, for this, you need to find the wasp nest and ensure that you don’t disturb it at all, especially if you aren’t wearing any form of protective clothing.

Once you have located the nest, you can boil a bucket of water and pour it directly on the nest. You should wear protective clothing when you are doing this step. Once you have poured in boiling water on the nest, you might have to do it a few times to get rid of all the stinging wasps for good.

5. Try Pesticide Spray

Pesticide sprays are an amazing way to get rid of the wasps and the infiltration that they have done in your home. However, like the wasp-killing sprays, even these are toxic and chemical-infused, which means that you need to be extremely careful with these around your children and pets. 

If you want a safer alternative, look for sprays that are formulated with pyrethroids and pyrethrins. This remedy is effective when the nest is hidden under the branches or the porch ceilings around. 

6. Opt For Soap & Water

Dish Soap
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Most of the time, people avoid store-bought insecticides, mainly because they are doused with chemicals in them. In such cases, your safest bet is to stick to simple options like soap and water solutions. For this, you need to make a solution with water and dish soap.

Once that is sorted, you can then move ahead spray the nest with the solution. This clogs the pores in the nest, making it impossible for the wasps to breathe and hence kills them in the process.

7. Prevent Future Nesting Areas

Sometimes, getting rid of the wasp nest is not enough. This means that you need to prevent the risks of a future infestation too. And, the best way to do that is by treating the future spots that can serve as nesting grounds. You can spray those potential sites with insecticides to ensure that the wasps won’t even think about making a return. 

8. Try Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil

Another popular essential oil that works well is peppermint oil. The strong smell from the peppermint oil helps get rid of the wasps for good, which is why you need to invest your time implementing this remedy. It is also safe and helps keep other kinds of pests and insects out of your garden.

9. Get Professional Help

Sometimes, even when you do all the right remedies and follow the correct steps, you will soon realize that nothing is going to work the way you are envisioning. If that is the case, the best way to overcome the issue is by seeking some professional help. The professional pest exterminators effectively help you get rid of the wasps and even ensure no future infestations. 

However, you might have to end up investing a lot more money than you’d anticipate. The results are pretty amazing.

If you are sitting here wondering how to get rid of wasps, we hope this article gives you all the insights that you likely need to know about. Just ensure that you practice these remedies safely to prevent getting stung by one. Also, always time your attacks and plan things ahead of time and wear protective clothing to prevent the risks of damage to your health. All in all, be focused on the elimination and follow along with the steps we mentioned.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Vinegar Keep The Wasps Away?

Yes, vinegar’s distinct pungent aromas is quite effective in getting rid of the wasps out of your home and even kill them if they land on it.

Can You Get Rid of Wasps Instantly?

No, getting rid of a wasp infestation will take some time. You need to be mindful of several factors, including the extent of the infestation and what you can do to get rid of it over time.

Which is The Best Wasp Killer?

If you are getting insecticide sprays, the Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer are likely some bestselling products with effective results.

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