How to Get Rid of Spider Webs | 8 Easy Measures


Nobody likes housing pests, insects, and reptiles in their house, but to an extent, that’s how we co-exist in this world. So, it isn’t surprising that you have to indulge in a pest and insect infestation now and then in your house. That’s how life works. But, when it comes to sighting spiders in the house, nobody enjoys them infiltrating the area and filling the spot with a range of spider webs, especially in the corners and ceilings of the house.

To get rid of spider webs, follow the steps are simple that doesn’t involve unnecessary complications.

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How to Keep the Spiders Out of the House?

People have a common misconception that spiders are out there to attack humans. That is far from the truth. Since spiders are so tiny compared to humans, their first instinct is to deter human interactions.

Unless they feel threatened and are hurt by an impact from a human, they will mostly keep to themselves. If you threaten or trap the spiders, they tend to get defensive and get to biting and other defense mechanisms.

Ideally, spiders like to infiltrate homes that are cluttered and messy. So, it is a given that if you find them in the hidden corners of the house, the mess is to blame. There is a combination of dangerous and non-dangerous spiders. However, the ones you typically see in your house are non-dangerous, and they like to keep things to themselves.

While the easier way to get rid of spiders would be to take a shoe or rolled newspaper and swat them out of the way, we’d recommend capturing them and letting them free out of the house. Also, if you want to keep their population to a minimum, you can always keep your house clean and reduce the excessive clutter you have accumulated around the house.

List of Ways to Get Rid of Spider Webs

When you encounter spider webs in your house, ideally, it is due to an increased population of spiders. The easiest way of getting rid of the spider webs would be to get rid of the spiders out of the close vicinity of the house. Doing this is sometimes more than enough to sort out the complications.

1. Broom It Out

If the spider webs are around the higher spots in the house, including the ceilings and the corners of the room, we’d recommend using a broom to get rid of them and clean them out. Check for a spider in the web before you damage and eradicate the web.

Also, get an adjustable broom to change and adjust its height according to your needs for the best results. These are readily available in the market, so you shouldn’t face many issues finding one. If you are allergic to dust or spiderwebs, cover your nose and eyes before the dusting.

2. Use a Vacuum

Eureka Forbes Vaccum Cleaner

For better results, a vacuum with a hose attachment can work wonders. They can get to the extreme corners of the room and ceiling to ensure there are no remnants of the spider webs prevalent around the room.

The vacuum cleaners work well in breaking down the spider silk to ensure optimal area cleaning without any complications. Also, they clean out the webs without causing any risks of dust allergy around the area, which is another benefit.

3. Be Good on the Cleaning Schedule

The primary reason you have so many spider webs infiltrating the house is the lack of cleaning. The last thing you want to do is leave things out to accumulate dirt. These kinds of clutter attract more insects and pests like spiders. So, you can be assured that the same will reflect on the number of spider webs you have in your home.

Also, when indulging in a cleaning schedule, make it a habit to deep clean the house at least twice a week to prevent the entry of spiders and the accumulation of spider webs around the house. The last thing you want is to make things worse for your home with the lack of cleaning.

4. Seal the Cracks and Openings

Sometimes, the easiest way to get rid of spider webs is to get rid of the spiders or prevent them from entering the home. The easiest way to do that is by sealing off any of the cracks or openings that you have around in the house. Spiders are very flexible and can enter through minor cracks without any hassle.

So, look through the house’s exterior and check for cracks and crevices. You must clear out that space without any issues if you find any. They can also gain entry through open windows, so check on the same.

5. Keep Everything Organized

Clean Home

As we said, spiders thrive in cluttered and chaotic areas. So, if you have larger piles of clothes and items lying around in the house, get hold of those areas and clear out the spaces before they take a turn for the worse. The chaotic piles in your space invite more spiders to seek shelter.

Also, thoroughly check the spiders around the garage, basement, and office spaces because those areas are often neglected and filled with spider webs.

6. Switch Off the Lights

Another effective way in which you can keep the spiders in check and turn the spider webs is by switching off the lights. Lights are hands down the worse mediators of the growing spider population in your home.

Since spiders are constantly hunting for insects to eat, the lights will encourage the population of insects, thereby increasing the population of the spiders too. So, ideally, to keep the spider webs in check, you need to keep your backyard lights or the lights on the patio switched off.

7. Use Duct Tape and Paint Roller

Duct Tape
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If the spider webs are within reach of your hands, we’d recommend using duct tape and a paint roller to get all the spider webs out of the area. This trick works better if you have speckled ceilings with texture. Removing the entire web with a vacuum or soft roller becomes challenging when the spider webs are formed in such ceilings.

The glue in the duct tape works effortlessly in that case. You can attack a few long pieces throughout the paint roller and then roll it on the ceiling to eliminate all the webs and their remnants around the ceiling.

8. Spray Water

Although you might not want to spray water directly on the ceilings and the paint on your walls, this works well, especially if the spider webs get out of hand. They also work well around the windows and doors when the spider webs increase alarmingly.

You can spray water on these surfaces frequently to prevent the spider from having an optimal grip when building a web. Once you do it multiple times and the spider fails to build the web for a prolonged time, they will give up and move to other spots in the house. In such instances, you can capture the spider and relocate it outside the house.

There are several ways how to get rid of spider webs. However, all the methods mentioned in this guide are easy and accessible. You can manually keep them out of the house without needing to call professionals to tackle the issues you are experiencing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will dissolve spider webs?

Once you have cleaned out all the spider webs from the area, you can use a bleach-water solution on the webs to dissolve them and clean out the vacuum or brush you used for cleaning.

How to prevent spider webs from returning?

The best way would be to prevent spiders from entering your home. Keep the house clean and clutter-free for better results.

Does pressure washing clean spider webs?

Yes, pressure washing effectively cleans the spider webs and damages any remnant spider eggs in close surroundings.

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