How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs? | 11 Effective Remedies

The beautiful season of fall brings along many amazing memories, the lingering smell of pumpkin spice, and the terrible stink bugs. Yes, that is the season that you either smell pine and pumpkin spice on your porch, or you end up smelling the everlasting smell of the stink bugs. It doesn’t matter what; the worst part about stink bugs is that they are amazing at camouflaging themselves to the background.

This means that not only is spotting them difficult; it is also extremely difficult to kill them because then your entire house smells like stink bugs. The reason why you’d find stink bugs around your home during the winter months is that they are seeking shelter somewhere warm. Despite their odiferous capabilities, stink bugs are fairly safe and won’t put you at risk, which several people have questions about.

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If you are tired of experiencing the same issues, we have tried to address all the possible remedies to get rid of stink bugs for good.

List of Ways to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

As we said, stink bugs are extremely notorious and are known for their constant odiferous properties. So, if you don’t want your house to end up smelling like stink bugs, you need to take good measures and know about effective remedies to overcome the interference.

1. Start with the Entry Points

The first and likely the most important way of prevention is to find possible entry points. Most of the time, it could be a crack on the side of the door and opened window or even a crack on the wall that’s too big to accommodate a stinky bug. Whatever it is, you need to find the root cause and then find ways to overcome them for good.

If you have leaks and cracks in your building or have a habit of keeping your window or door opened, you need to stop doing that immediately. You can also look at the openings of sliding doors and windows and around the utility pipes or even behind the chimneys that you possibly haven’t cleaned in the last few months. 

2. Repair Damage

Once you have spotted the cracks and dents in your building and your home, the next step is to step up and then repair those damages for good. Even if the mosquito net in your window has chipped off from the middle, you need to sit back and get it repaired or at least do something to cover up the part that’s torn off.

Start with the damaged screens, doors, windows, and even the cracked walls because those are the most common entry points that the stink bugs try to enter the house through.

3. Turn Out the Lights

And, before you think we are talking about the indoor lights, we aren’t. We are talking about the lights that you have possibly kept switched on in your backyard or porch. Since stink bugs are naturally looking for a warmer place to settle in during the cold winter months, the last thing you want to provide them with is warmth. Keeping the lights switched on in the backyard or the porch will end up doing just that.

Instead, you can keep one or an important light switched on outside the house and keep the rest of the lights switched off. This can help you out in more ways than one. Not only does it prevent the bugs from coming towards your home, but it also cuts down the risks of providing them the warmth that they have been seeking all along. So, if you want to master how to get rid of stink bugs, this is your way out.

4. Avoid Piling Up Water

Have a leaking tap in the backyard that you haven’t fixed yet? Well, this is when you do that immediately without any further questions. Moisture build-up anywhere near your house is a source of infestation for different kinds of pests and insects, including the stink bug. So, the best way to avoid that is by ensuring that you get rid of any kinds of moisture spots around the house.

Do a thorough checking of your surroundings for any kinds of leaks, stagnant water, or other kinds of moisture and wetness. Once you spot them, get rid of them immediately because otherwise, you are contributing to a breeding ground for the pests and insects. If possible, you can always spray those areas with a little chemical to overcome the issue for good.

5. Ventilate the Closed Areas

You must be sitting here confused, “Why are we talking about ventilation when you told to keep windows and doors closed?” Well, this is where the catch is. Instead of ventilating your home, we emphasize the importance of ventilating your closed areas, like the basement and the garage. 

Since these spaces are primarily closed off, it becomes an easy spot for infestation, especially if the perimeter of the space is rimmed with moisture. So, try to ward those off and clean out those closed spaces at least once or twice every few months to protect your home from a possible stink bug infestation.

6. Look Out for Food Scraps

Like any other insect or pest, even a stink bug comes into your house to lure themselves some food. This means that not only do you need to be mindful of the food that you are eating, you also need to be mindful of the scraps that you are likely throwing out. Sometimes, insects and pests like the stink bug can come around in your trash before you can even realize it.

In such cases, maintaining optimal hygiene around the house is crucial. You can take the trash out daily, avoid throwing food wrappers and scraps here and there and ensure that you always clean up after yourself. Sometimes, all you need to do is be a little careful.

7. Check and Dust Before Entering

Since the stink bugs are outside, the chances are that they can come into your home with you and your belongings. This is where you need to keep an eye on things. Instead of letting things run wild, ensure that you dust your clothes and bags before you step inside your home. Ensure that you keep a check on the sides of the grocery bags, too, since they can come around from fruits and vegetable stalls. 

Also, if something smells off when you step inside your home, it is always better that you wash everything more than once under running water to eliminate any threats.

8. Don’t Squish Right Away

When you come around and see a bug, the chances are that you will have an instant urge to squish things immediately. However, this is where you need to stop. Instead of squishing right away, it is always better to catch them safely and then transfer them to someplace safe. When you squish them, the odor is way too bad than when they are just around.

So, catch them but avoid squishing them. You can also use a chemical repellent for the treatment if nothing else seems to work. Sometimes, it is better if you don’t end up doing worse.

9. The Landscape Around the Backyard or Garden

Backyard or gardens are the perfect hideaway spot for the stink bugs. If you are here trying to prevent them from entering your home, it is always better that you nip them at the bud. Landscaping is hands down one of the best ways to overcome those issues. Get rid of the excess tree branches and the shrubbery that has been growing around in your backyard. 

Keeping the area clean prevents the risks of infestation, allowing you to have a comfortable autumn season without smelling the stink bugs all around.

10. Vacuum Around

Bugs and insects tend to stay in unclean spaces. So, if the inside of your home isn’t clean, the chances are that the same will eventually impact the rate of infestation. This is where you step in. If you are noticing a sudden increase in the levels of stink bugs around your home, it is always better that you pick up a broom or a vacuum and start the cleaning process right away.

Also, using a vacuum comes in handy when you are trying to get rid of the dead stink bugs that you likely have lying around in the house instead of hand-picking them.

11. Try Essential Oils

Peppermint Oil

Essential oils have multipurpose benefits in our lives. And, if you have an uncontrolled stink bug infestation in your home that you need to control, you can always try different essential oils like peppermint or neem oil that have a stronger smell.

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Still wondering how to get rid of stink bugs? Unlike other pests, they don’t come around and infest in swarms, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about getting rid of most of them in larger numbers. So, if you are here stuck with a few that you cannot get rid of, we’d recommend that you opt for the simple ways we have mentioned here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Keeps Stink Bugs Away?

There are several preventive measures, starting with stronger essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus.

Are there Chemical Repellents for Stink Bugs?

Various chemical repellents are available for stink bugs that you can consider buying if nothing else works.

Do Dryer Sheets Help Keep Stink Bugs Away?

It has been found that the strong smell from the dryer sheets has potent benefits in getting rid of the stink bugs from your house. So, rub them all over the entry points.

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