How to Get Rid of Gnats? | 12 Effective Ways

A gnat infestation is often taken lightly by the homeowners, especially because people don’t take them as seriously as mosquitoes and other insects. However, much like other severe insects, even gnats require immediate caution if you don’t want to suffer from a list of preventable diseases. 

If you are unaware, gnats are small flying insects and are predominantly available in three different variants – fungus gnats, fruit flies, and drain flies. These types are attracted to water and breed and differentiate like it’s no one’s business. 

For the homeowners experiencing a severe infestation, you need to follow these effective remedies to get rid of gnats.We’d always recommend that you try out these remedies first and then opt for pest control services if none of the natural remedies work.

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List of Ways to Get Rid of Gnats

1. Start with an Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

Apple Cider Vinegar

The first and likely the most important natural remedy is to use an apple cider vinegar trap. Since gnats tend to be attracted to water for breeding, this solution serves as a great place to trap the gnats and get rid of them for good. For the trap, all you need to do is mix some water, apple cider vinegar, sugar, and dish soap and mix it to the point that the upper layer is covered in soap bubbles. While the sugar and apple cider vinegar mixture will attract the gnats, the soap bubbles will trap them in.

2. Try a Bug Zapper

Bug Zapper

People often have this misconception that bug zappers only good for larger pests and insects like mosquitoes. However, you’d be surprised to know that they work equally well for gnats too. They are noiseless machines that you can place in front of the windows or doors where the maximum gnats enter and have the machine do the rest. Just ensure that you place them around the room during the prime time of the day when the gnats tend to enter the house the most.

3. Opt for Sticky Traps

Not just for rats, sticky traps are available for insects too. You will primarily get them in nurseries because they tend to have the best variant and collections of the same depending on the type of gnat infesting your home. If your garden attracts the majority of the gnats, all you can do is get some sticky traps with bright colors and stick them on the flower pots and have the gnats stick onto them to prevent them from infesting your home further.

4. Fruit Trap

This is an eco-friendly and sustainable method because it uses scraps of fruits that you would otherwise throw away. Since fruits are sweet and have natural sugars in them, what you can do is dump them in a trash can and then cover the top with plastic wrap and make some holes in it. Once the gnats are trapped inside the fruit trap, it becomes extremely difficult for them to get out, enabling you to get rid of them in masses in one go. So, if you are looking for recyclable ways on how to get rid of gnats, this is your safest bet.

5. Try out Chemical Sprays

Unlike mosquitoes that respond well to herbs and woods, gnats have a higher tolerance to such natural remedies. So, chemical sprays are your best friend in that case. Several brands have come out with chemical sprays specific to kill gnats. So, you can pick them up and spray them around the house, ensuring that you keep them away from eatables or other surfaces that your children or pets reach out to. 

6. Raw Potato Chunks

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It might sound a lot weird, but potato chunks do have the ability to prevent further infestation of the gnats for good. This ideally works the best for fungus gnat larvae and prevents further spread or growth in the water or flower pots. If you have an attached garden on your balcony, it is always better that you cut up a few cubes of raw potato and then place the same inside the flower pots to keep the level of fungus gnat in check. Make sure that you replace them now and then.

7. Try Diluted Bleach


Your drainage is a serious vector for letting gnats into your home. And, since the drainage line is closed off, it is extremely difficult for you to clean or treat them with repellents. In such cases, the best and most effective combat mode is to pour down a glass or two of diluted bleach solution down the kitchen sink or the bathroom outlet. This can ensure to kill any serious infestations that have been likely taking place inside your home.

9. Wine Trap

Red Wine

No, before you panic thinking we are asking you to waste your expensive wine, we aren’t. This is to bring out those expired stashes of wine that have been wasting away in the back of your cellar, turning into vinegar. The pungent smell and the strong flavors of the wine work like the apple cider vinegar solution and helps in attracting the gnats and killing them for good. Even for this, you will need to add a few drops of dish soap and make frothy bubbles on the top to ensure that it can trap in the gnats flying around the house.

10. BTI or Gnatrol

Although quite difficult to get your hands on, BTI or gnatrol is another natural way of getting rid of the gnats at their larval stage. It is nothing but a naturally occurring fungus that is toxic to the various larval stages. They are predominantly effective for getting rid of the gnats that infest the potted plants. So, all you need to do is spray them on the plants and the pots and forget about any future infestations. Don’t worry; they are completely non-toxic to humans, so you wouldn’t have to worry about affecting your health in the process.

11. Candle Trap

Like any other insect’s nature, even gnats are attracted to warmth and light. So, if you have many of them flying into your home, the best way to get rid of them is with the candle trap. All you need to do is light a candle and then place it in the middle of the room. You can fill a bowl with water and place the candle on it. Switch off the lights in the room, letting the candle burn in the middle. Seeing the single source of light and warmth, the gnats will flock towards the candle and either burn or fall into the water and die.

12. Professional Pest Control

If none of the natural remedies work, the only option you are left with is to get professional pest control done. This is your best bet if the infestation has gone out of control. They work well because they offer customized treatment plans for your home to get rid of these pesky insects from the root.

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Insects can carry a lot of fatal diseases that we don’t even have any idea about. If you are troubled with serious gnat infestation and want to get rid of it for good, we hope these remedies come a lot in handy. Keep in mind that if nothing works, getting professional help is your best bet. If you have been questioning how to get rid of gnats, we hope this guide answers all your queries.

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